How does the post upright reduce the cost of roadway equipment?

The Getup Potelet is used by more than 400 communities.
How does the machine allow town halls to achieve major savings ?

the Getup Potelet

  • The Getup Potelet pays for itself in 15 straightened posts
  • A bollard is straightened in 5 minutes
  • Only 1 operator to straighten a post
  • No complex handling

  • Compatible with all street furniture

  • Guaranteed safety for agents and pedestrians

  • Easily transportable and rollable

  • No CO2 emissions

  • No odors, no noise, and no chemicals
  • Designed and manufactured in France

the Getup Potelet

  • Replacing a bollard is a costly operation for city halls

  • A bollard can be replaced in several hours

  • A complete team is needed

  • Need to master dangerous material

  • Need to adapt to all types of furniture

  • Difficulty to delimit the intervention area

  • Need to use a truck

  • The replacement is polluting

  • Material requiring a chemical transformation with noise and unpleasant smells.

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Why have over 400 communities chosen the GetuP Potelet?

Getup Potelet is amortized in 15 straightened posts

The Getup Potelet is environmentally friendly

You can straighten a bollard or street furniture in 5 minutes

1 operator alone to straighten a twisted street furniture

The Getup Potelet is a patented invention made in France

The machine is compatible with most street furniture

The GetuP Potelet allows the repair of bollards and other road signs without risk for pedestrians.

The GetuP Potelet is made in France in the Annecy area in Haute Savoie, supported by the Plan Ambition PME of the Rhône Alpes Auvergne Region.

The Getup Potelet at the service of technical teams

The Getup Potelet machine (which we call the “post straightener”) allows the repair of posts and other signs without risk for pedestrians and public officials.

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