Le Getup Potelet en action

Safety of road maintenance workers with the GetUp Potelet.

The fixing is done in complete safety for roadways workers and for the operators who has to straighten the bollard. The GetuP Potelet device is provided with wheels: no need to carry it from the vehicle to the intervention site or between the different intervention sites. The compact design and the concept of thrust of our posts straightener GetuP Potelet allow the operator to work most of time on the sidewalk/pavement, sheltered from the risks linked to the traffic.

Getup Potelet allows bollards or other road signs repairs are done with no risks for pedestrians.The intervention time for operators is very short, causing no disturbance to the pedestrians. The GetuP Potelet handles a totally safe work because it avoids hazardous interventions, such as shovel buckets ones, hand-operated winch ones, thrust with a vehicle ones, as many risky “patch-up works”, that have produced many accidents yet.

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The Getup Potelet machine (which we call the “stand straightener”) saves time and money for the community by reducing the need to replace bent brackets.

+ 400 municipalities trust in the Getup Potelet