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    + 300 municipalities trust in the Getup Potelet

    Twisted parking poles, damaged barriers, deteriorated bike stands…

    Towns, departments, roads, downtown areas, buildings, public works departments and local governments in charge of street furniture maintenance are daily confronted with the street furniture up keeping issues, and face the costs caused by the buying of new bollards, posts or road signs…

    Public works, building, levelling and roads companies… can also include the GetuP Potelet to handle self-created incidents or to bid for municipalities that subcontract their own street furniture maintenance.

    The GetuP Potelet has been held by local governments but also by superstores, industrial and commercial areas (which are confronted to damaged street furniture elements) as the most profitable and ecological solution to maintain the urban furniture without go through the “buying of a new bollard” step.

    They do use the GetuP Potelet

    Agglomération de Grand Verdun
    Mairie de Bellignat
    Métropole de Clermont Auvergne
    Mairie de Faulquemont
    Mairie Le Ferte Bernard
    Mairie de Crolles
    Mairie de Bellignat
    Mairie des Sables d’Olonne
    Mairie de Macon
    Mairie de Moulin
    Mairie de Bourg en Bresse
    Communauté de communes vallée du garo

    The Getup Potelet straightens your roads bollards in two minutes !

    The Getup in a nutshell

    6 good reasons to try out the Getup

    0 municipalities use the Getup

    Simple and Easy-to-use

    Being simple and compact, the Getup is easy-to-use and compatible to any form of street furniture you could have to straighten up. On wheels and intuitive, it’s a less than two minutes intervention by a skilled worker.

    Fast and Efficient

    No need of adapted equipment, winch, public works heavy plants, trucks etc. No traffic disruption. Your operators work safely, effortlessly. 2 minutes is enough to straighten up a bollard.


    Replace a bollard costs, on average, 300 euros. The intervention time is lengthy. Cutting, removal, coring, replacement = about 1.5 working hour for 2 operators. Getup Potelet = 2 minutes working time for 1 operator.

    Innovative and Made in France

    The GETUP POTELET is a patented invention that enables to solve any twisted street furniture issue such as bollards, road signs, barriers, bicycle stands and many more…


    The Getup is conceived to make the workers’ interventions easier. This is a light device, easily transported by means of all terrain wheels.


    The Getup Potelet doesn’t require any heavy plants or motorized machinery. No pollution results from the device, designed depending on current eco-friendly standards.

    The Getup Potelet FOR FREE in your city