The Getup Potelet is a French invention born in the Rhône-Alpes region and more precisely in the department 74, land of Haute-Savoie. Today, more than 300 town halls and communities are equipped with one or more Getup Potelet.

The Getup Potelet is exported outside of France.

The Getup Potelet is appreciated and used on a daily basis. An average of 1250 twisted bollards are saved every day. The problem of the twisted posts is omnipresent in France but also abroad.  It seems obvious to us in this observation to open the borders to the Getup by opening the access to the international market. The site has been updated and you will find in the central menu a new link called “DISTRIBUTOR”.  

From this page you can apply for the distribution of the Getup Potelet. Please note that we are primarily looking for distributors for the following countries:


You can also apply if you are not in this list. We are open to all proposals. 

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