How to use the GetUp Post: the Tutorial to straighten your posts!


GetuP Potelet is an innovation which enables to fix, straighten up simply and easily the street furniture of your city or your community, and avoiding unnecessary buying of bollards, barriers or road signs.

Find out in video the 6 good reasons to use the solution for urban and street bollard –straightening GetuP Potelet.

  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Fast and effective
  • Eco,omical
  • Ecological
  • Innovative and made in France
  • Safe

I want to try the Getup Potelet

Test the Getup Potelet for FREE in your city

The Getup Potelet at the service of technical teams

The Getup Potelet machine (which we call the “stand straightener”) saves time and money for the community by reducing the need to replace bent brackets.

+ 400 municipalities trust in the Getup Potelet