Your City Hall wants to decrease the cost of the road system equipment? Try out the Getup !



In order to reduce the pollution, your city encourages its citizens to ride a bike and develops the plans intended to our riding friends.
However, bike paths and bike stands must remain well maintained to keep promoting eco-citizen transports.

GetuP Potelet totally enters into your ecological approach. It enables to straighten up and to fix your streets’ twisted bicycle stands, avoiding an expensive replacement, while respecting the environment. Practical, the Getup Potelet enables to correct other twisted or damaged street furniture such as streets posts, road signs, barriers
You invest in one only device which allows for straightening numbers of posts and external bollards.

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The Getup Potelet straightens your roads bollards in two minutes !

The Getup in a nutshell

6 good reasons to try out the Getup

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Simple and Easy-to-use

Being simple and compact, the Getup is easy-to-use and compatible to any form of street furniture you could have to straighten up. On wheels and intuitive, it’s a less than two minutes intervention by a skilled worker.

Fast and Efficient

No need of adapted equipment, winch, public works heavy plants, trucks etc. No traffic disruption. Your operators work safely, effortlessly. 2 minutes is enough to straighten up a bollard.


Replace a bollard costs, on average, 300 euros. The intervention time is lengthy. Cutting, removal, coring, replacement = about 1.5 working hour for 2 operators. Getup Potelet = 2 minutes working time for 1 operator.

Innovative and Made in France

The GETUP POTELET is a patented invention that enables to solve any twisted street furniture issue such as bollards, road signs, barriers, bicycle stands and many more…


The Getup is conceived to make the workers’ interventions easier. This is a light device, easily transported by means of all terrain wheels.


The Getup Potelet doesn’t require any heavy plants or motorized machinery. No pollution results from the device, designed depending on current eco-friendly standards.

Getup Potelet arrives in Belgium

Getup Potelet arrives in Belgium

We are pleased to welcome our first international distributor with the company Clabots Tools. This company will be the exclusive distributor on the whole Belgian territory.

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